Ferrari Showroom

Audio-Visual Automation System

For their new Sydney showroom, Ferrari’s brief was to have an entertainment system with large plasma displays, combined with a music system that could also be used for the many events and launches they host.

The brief set a number of tasks for Suite Control to accomplish. The large plasma displays and music system had to be easily controlled by the sales team to give them maximum flexibility when showing potential buyers the cars. In order to achieve this, the Control4 system was chosen.

Using Control4’s in-wall touchscreens, the large space can be broken up into 10 video zones and 14 audio zones, allowing the staff to customise the audio-visual experience for the buyers in different areas of the showroom, selecting the ideal content with a few simple taps on the screens.

Automated schedules have also been programmed into the system. For example, the ‘Morning’ setting turns on all the screens, and starts demo videos about all of the various cars, whilst piping background music through all of the speakers. At intervals throughout the day, a Ferrari Formula 1 clip comes on through the entire showroom, entertaining potential clients with high-octane racing footage. Because of the ease of use of the system, the automatic settings can easily be overridden whenever a member of the sales team needs to show specific content to a buyer.

The new complex also houses a vehicle maintenance facility and a training room, used for keeping Ferrari’s mechanics up-to-date with all of the workings of their new cars and an AV system installed by Suite Control is used to deliver most of this training.

Architect: PTW Architect

Builder: Built Holdings

Electrician: Bellevue Electrical

Automation: Suite Control