Whether you are running a large corporate office, a major tourism venue, a school or a local coffee shop, you need technology that works for you. Let Suite Control create the right solutions to suit your needs.

Through years of experience on many diverse projects, our expert knowledge includes electrical systems, audio-visual equipment, computer networks, security systems, energy management and sustainability. With so many components that need to be meshed together into one efficient system, it’s never been more important to work with a team who understand how to integrate all of the systems in your business into one easy-to-operate solution.

Your business will benefit from a Suite Control integrated system in these ways:

  • Increased Productivity
  • An Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Reduced Energy Consumption

And all of these add up to a substantial Return on Investment.

Suite Control provides solutions for:

  • Computer Networking and Communications
  • Boardroom automation, including video conferencing and all other A/V needs
  • Electrical Control Systems and Energy Monitoring
  • Video and Audio Systems for Retail Premises
  • Training Facility Presentation Systems
  • School Classroom Equipment and Digital Education Technology
  • Lecture Theatre and Auditorium Technology
  • Assistive Listening solutions for the hearing impaired
  • Digital Signage
  • Security Access Control and Staff Attendance Monitoring